Bubble Tubing®

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Bubble Tubing - Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser Aeration

The Bubble Tubing® is a linear air diffuser for aeration, de-icing and curtain of bubbles. It is designed and manufactured in Canada to the highest standards. Bubble Tubing® provides substantial and efficient transfer of oxygen to the water.

Fine bubble diffusers such as our Bubble Tubing® produce many tiny air bubbles (less than 1 mm in diameter). Tiny bubbles rise steadily from the floor of a wastewater treatment basin or the bottom of waterways and canals, ponds, lakes or lagoons. These bubbles provide substantial and efficient mass transfer of oxygen into the water. This oxygen, combined with the food source, sewage or sediment, allows naturally occurring bacteria to produce enzymes. Enzymes help break down waste or sediment made of accumulated organic matter.

Bubble Tubing® is flexible, it holds no memory and will not kink, is easy to install and is safe for the environment (does not contain lead).

Made exclusively in Canada, 1-year warranty.

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Bubble Tubing Diagram

  • High oxygen transfer rate.
  • A full evaluation of the oxygen transfer capabilities by independent firm available.
  • Applications range from farm ponds to the largest industrial projects.
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater applications, from shallow to deep waters.
  • Inner pressure prevents clogging; tubing is low maintenance, anti-fouling.
  • No moving parts or electricity in the water.
  • Highly resistant PVC (chemicals, salinity, temperature).
  • Weighted and non-weighted formats available.
  • Tubing can be purchased with all the necessary hardware, ready to be installed.

Available Sizes & Formats:

  • I.D. sizes available: 1/2" (15 mm), 3/4" (20 mm), 1" (25 mm) and 1-1/4" (30 mm)
  • Available in weighted and non-weighted formats for 1/2" (15 mm) and 3/4" (20 mm)
  • 3/4" (20 mm), 1" (25 mm) and 1-1/4" (30 mm) formats come with integral stainless-steel cord in ballast for strength and weight
  • Available Lengths: roll, spool, special run and special cut lengths

Please Contact us for Pricing and for help with your project

The fine bubbles or microbubbles generated by the Bubble Tubing® are critical for achieving precise results whether oxygenating a wastewater treatment plant, using aeration to biologically remove excess nutrients, or using aeration for fluid mixing.
Deicing and air bubble curtains applications that rely more on mixing and moving water also benefit from billions upon billions of microbubbles produced by Bubble Tubing®. Not only do bubbles transfer oxygen and decontaminate water by oxidation, but they also move and mix, clarify, and de-stratify water. Thus, the same technology has many diverse applications.

For de-icing, the bubbles that come out of the Bubble Tubing® carry dense, heavy and warmer water from the depths to the surface. This movement of warmer water towards the surface inhibits the formation of ice.

Bubble Tubing® is sold in different sizes and formats and custom cut, per foot, or by rolls of 100′ or more. Contact us for prices and details.

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