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Bacterius® is a line of treatment solutions designed to enhance water quality in a natural way. Bioaugmentation and water treatment are two of our specialties allowing us to naturally modify water characteristics to address a wide range of issues in ponds, lakes, wastewater, aquaculture and industrial effluent.
Our water treatment and bioaugmentation products are sustainable long-term solutions.

We have over 20 years’ experience in pond, lakes, water, wastewater treatment and management. We are backed by an interdisciplinary team combining knowledge in limnology, ecology and biology. Our understanding of natural processes allows us to provide a wide range of sustainable treatment solutions.

What is bioaugmentation?
The method of adding cultivated beneficial microorganisms to an existing microbial population is known as bioaugmentation. With the purpose of improving water quality, this decreases nutrients and breaks down undesirable compounds. Excess nutrients, fats, oil, grease, and hydrocarbon-based pollutants will be biodegraded or transformed by these specifically cultured enzyme producing microorganisms to improve water quality.

How does this help with water quality in the average lake or pond?
In general, algae blooms occur when nutrient levels become too high in the water. The reduction of algae blooms is the main reason why pond owners or lake associations will contact us. Our bioaugmentation treatments help to reduce nitrogen and organic matter in the water leading to clearer water with less muck at the bottom of your pond.

How does this help with water quality in aquaculture or industrial processes?
Enzymes released by the microbes in our products break down various compounds which may contaminate the environment. One specific application is in grease traps where grease and other compounds build up and produce odors. The microbes efficiently biodegrade these compounds so that the level of grease is reduced and odors are stopped. Another application is the reduction of ammonia in aquaculture. Ammonia levels produced from fish may be hazardous to the fish and to the environment. We provide a solution whereby microbes facilitate the nitrification and denitrification processes to eliminate ammonia.

How do I ensure that bioaugmentation occurs as efficiently as possible?
Water is affected by an array of pollutants that need comprehensive treatments. A combination of natural and beneficial pond microbes is the best way to treat water most efficiently. Combined with good aeration system (Oxygen), bioaugmentation becomes very efficient and a cost effective biological solution to prevent or treat water quality problems.

These are our available water treatments products:

Water Treatment Canada

Bacterius® offers a full line of natural beneficial bacteria offering different products for very specific applications.
All Bacterius® products are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Please refer to each product page for complete information including technical sheets:

  • Bacterius® C – Carbon Organic Matter and Waste Controller (organic matter and muck treatment)
  • Bacterius® N – Nitrogen Controller (water nitrification)
  • Bacterius® EQUINOX – Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria Treatment
  • Bacterius® MUCK – Concentrated bacterial pellets for treating shoreline muck and sediment rich areas
  • Bacterius® 5B – High concentration bacteria with barley straw for sediment reduction and water clarity
  • Bacterius® 1B – Natural bacteria with barley straw, same formulation as 5B but less concentrated
  • Bacterius® Trap – Removes FOG (fats, oils and grease), food waste, sugar, starch, protein and other wastes
  • Bacterius® POND – Nitrification and control of organic sediment

We have industrial clients who regularly order beneficial bacteria products to remove organic nutrients from their waste water. These are municipalities, compost and waste managers, meat processing plants, mining companies, to name a few.

One cottage owner was no longer able to dock his boat in front of the cottage because organic sediment was drifting and accumulating every year along his shoreline. He started using natural bacteria and aeration with Bubble Tubing® and gained 8 feet of water in 4 years of diligent treatment! This is a classic example of the process known as bio-dredging.

A local client moved to a country property with an aged farm pond that had been neglected for over 25 years. Within 2 years of water treatments that included lake bottom aeration, Bacterius® EQUINOX to open the pond, Bacterius® C and N in the summer to treat deep sediment, algae and cloudy water, and Bacterius® EQUINOX again to prepare the pond for winter, he has eliminated the persistent algae and odor problem and he can now allow his dogs and himself to swim in the pond without any worries!

In addition to bioaugmentation we carry a select line of water treatments that can be used in conjunction with beneficial bacteria and aeration or on their own.

Concentrated pond and lake dyes for blocking UV light to control submersed aquatic weed growth

The control of the proliferation of invasive and often non-indigenous aquatic plants can be costly for industry and a nuisance for recreational water users. The combination of aeration and beneficial bacteria treatments can remove deep, nutrient rich sediment and removes habitat for aquatic weeds. We also offer blue and black concentrated liquid pond dyes that block UV rays from penetrating deep into the water column. Pond dyes are added to closed systems, effectively preventing or weakening growth of some aquatic weeds. Some clients use the dyes simply to colour the pond water. We have found a combination of MARINE and MIDNITE creates a sharp, reflective-light quality that enhances the look of ponds and lakes. Our concentrated lake and pond dye is environmentally friendly, and non-toxic.

Shallow ponds and dugouts are particularly susceptible to rampant aquatic weed growth. MARINE and MIDNITE dyes are both popular with clients who use the concentrated pond dyes to block UV light that supports growth of Eurasian water milfoil (myriophyllum spicatum) and other invasive aquatic weeds.

Green or Brown Murky Waters Clarifiers

There are lakes and ponds where soluble phosphorous is so prevalent that the water consistently appears green or brown, and phytoplankton blooms are very persistent. PhosClear is a formulation of buffered aluminium sulfate (alum) that precipitate the phosphorous out of the water column, where it will settle the sediments, essentially starving the pond of nutrients.

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