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Bacterius® is a line of treatment solutions designed to enhance water quality in a natural way. Bioaugmentation and water treatment are two of our specialties allowing us to naturally modify water characteristics to address a wide range of issues in ponds, lakes, wastewater, aquaculture and industrial effluent.

Our water treatment and bioaugmentation products are sustainable long-term solutions.

We have over 20 years’ experience in pond, lakes, water, wastewater treatment and management. We are backed by an interdisciplinary team combining knowledge in limnology, ecology and biology. Our understanding of natural processes allows us to provide a wide range of sustainable treatment solutions.

Products: Aquacanada Floating Aerator | Alita Linear Air Pump | EEE Industrial Aerator | Septic Air Pump |  Surface Aerator Power House | Flo-Gen Horizontal Flow Generator and Aerator (Floating Fountain) | Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser Aeration (Aeration Fountain) | Keeton Solaer | Bacterius (Bioaugmentation) | Pond & Lake Dye(Bioaugmentation) | Judo Filter Strainer (Water Filtration) | Germicidal UV Air Disinfection (Disinfection) | Floating Aerator | Propeller | Fine Bubble EPDM Diffuser | Aircraft Cable Stainless Steel | Secchi Disk | UV Air Bulb | Ice Eater (Deicer/ De-icer)

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