EEE Heavy Duty Industrial Floating Aerators

EEE Heavy Duty Industrial Floating Aerators

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Other aerators may look similar, but the resemblance stops there! Environmental Equipment Engineering (EEE) strives to make their Floating Aerators the best in terms of efficiency, performance, and durability.

These heavy-duty wastewater floating aerators are made in the USA and EEE has 45 years of experience in the hand lay-up method of fiberglass modeling and manufacturing. EEE’s range of floating aerators has pumping flow rates 30% higher than other common aerators, meaning they are more efficient, have a lower energy demand, and 30% to 40% higher oxygen transfer rate. Highly durable they come with a ten-year (10y) warranty on all non-moving parts and are built to last.

Most noticeable advantages:

  • Efficiency: Large, curved intake bell-to volute-to discharge design, allow for a higher gallon per minute and higher volume oxygen transfer rate.
  • Virtually no turbulence and exit losses due to the smooth interior surface and even water approach from all directions.
  • Larger diffuser providing more surface as the water rushes out in a high velocity spray pattern and creating a larger mixing area, 30% to 40% higher oxygen dispersion and transfer rate.
  • Heavier diffusers: Heavy-duty construction of stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced resin makes the diffuser 150% to 400% heavier than other common aerators. Why is this important? It greatly reduces vibration! The industry accepted level of vibration is 2.0 mils, peak to peak. EEE heavy duty wastewater aerator balances out below 0.2 mils, significantly better peak to peak. Reduced vibrations mean trouble free operation and more efficient aeration.
  • Larger diameter to minimize back spray and lower chances of corrosion or freezing up motor thus reducing failure. EEE Aerators are the most effective and energy efficient Heavy Duty wastewater aerators available and it started 45-years ago. Simplified design and creative engineering have produced a superior product.


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