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JUDO A German engineered line of water filtration and treatment equipment solutions. Founded in 1936 JUDO has been a pioneer in the field of water treatment for over 80 years.

Not all waters are equal. Whether for industrial, commercial, institutional, or residential applications, watering the garden, cooking, or drinking water the demands on water are as varied as its everyday use. JUDO offers a wide range of solutions tailored to the corresponding needs.

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Products: Aquacanada Floating Aerator | Alita Linear Air Pump | EEE Industrial Aerator | Septic Air Pump |  Surface Aerator Power House | Flo-Gen Horizontal Flow Generator and Aerator (Floating Fountain) | Keeton Solaer | Judo Filter Strainer (Water Filtration) | Germicidal UV Air Disinfection (Disinfection) | Floating Aerator | Propeller | Fine Bubble EPDM Diffuser | Aircraft Cable Stainless Steel | Secchi Disk | UV Air Bulb | Ice Eater (Deicer/ De-icer)

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