Profimat & Fimat - Automatic Self Cleaning Sediment Filter

Judo Filter Strainer

Profimat & Fimat - Automatic Self Cleaning Sediment Filter

Judo Filter Strainer

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Profimat Automatic Self-Cleaning Sediment Filters

For use in high-Rise, Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional applications.
JUDO Automatic Self-Cleaning Backwash Point of Entry Water Strainer remove sediments and particles.

Whether treated water, well water, lake, or pond water, before this water fills your glasses, goes into your home, building, or business facility, it has come a long way. It flowed through kilometers of pipelines. Grit, sand, sediments, foreign particles will affect plumbing, appliances, water fixtures, mechanical systems, and processes. Judo Profimat and Fimat particle filters will reduce wear and tear and lower maintenance and replacement costs. No cartridge replacement is necessary!

Why use protective backwash sediment filters?
Particles can lead to corrosion in pipes and equipment and ultimately to failure. Corrosion also results in irregular surfaces that can easily be colonized by germs. Furthermore, microorganisms can adhere to and be transported by these particles when they are not removed. The filter strainer is therefore an important protective barrier at the water point of entry.

JUDO Profimat & Fimat filter protection & benefits:

  • Sediment, sand, dirt, and rust particles
  • Pitting corrosion in unprotected pipes
  • Damage to devices that work with water
  • Clogged aerators or other equipment
  • Reduced water flow
  • Damage to water-bearing equipment
  • Standard stainless steel filter sieve rating of 100 microns and also available in 30, 320, and 500 micron.
  • Automatic backwash with NO interruption of filtered water supply
  • Environmentally friendly, NO filter cartridge change
  • Rotating high pressure jet nozzles cleaning
  • Models for flow rates up to 880 USGPM
  • Available for pipe sizes from ¾” to 8”
  • Clear 360 degree viewing glass
  • Compact and small footprint
  • Green Building
  • CSA/NSF Certified


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