AquaCanada Floating Aerator

AquaCanada Floating Aerator

AquaCanada Floating Aerator

AquaCanada Floating Aerator

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Surface aeration for healthy, balanced and aesthetically pleasing water bodies.
AquaCanada floating aerators are designed to maximize the two most important functions of any aeration device: high oxygen transfer rate and high-volume water movement.

Made in Canada our floating aerators are equipped with Franklin stainless steel submersible motors leader of the submersible motor industry since 1944.

Floating aerators efficiently increase, introduce, and maintain high oxygen levels in the water body. They mobilise the water and utilize the air-water contact to transfer oxygen into the water body and keep the water in movement.
Benefits are multiple. Aeration and movement help reduce algae blooms, enhance fish habitat, eliminate odors, and disrupt stagnant and still water thus naturally disturbing mosquitoes breeding habitat. They are also perfect for aquaculture / fish farms where bottom aeration and de-stratification of the entire water column is not recommended.

Easy to install and maintenance free, our floating aerators will find their place in recreational, residential, municipal, industrial, and commercial ponds as well as lake applications.
Get all our parts, motor, submersible power cable and connectors for your DIY projects or get the floating aerator with power cable and connectors fully assembled.
Ask us for custom length power cable and voltage options.

For commercial and industrial applications our aerators are also available in:

  • 1/2 hp, 3ph
  • 1 hp, 3ph
  • 2 hp, 3ph
  • 3 hp, 3ph

In various voltages such as 208V,230V,460V and 575V
We can also accommodate power cable length

Please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with recommendations and pricing.Quick connect Heavy Duty submersible industrial grade electric cable, Float, Standard control box, Continous duty Motor, high impact Propeller, Stainless Steel mounting Bracket and Hardware

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