Ferroclean Sludge and air seperator for closed loop systems

Ferroclean Sludge and air seperator for closed loop systems

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JUDO Ferroclean sludge and air separator. For the removal and flushing of magnetite, iron sludge (Fe₂O₃). Ferroclean integrates an optimized air vent unit, sacrificial magnesium anode rod similar to water tanks to remove oxygen

  • Closed loop heating-systems
  • Closed loop chilled systems
  • Boilers
  • Condensate return systems.


  • No cartridges and No maintenance costs
  • Available for pipe sizes from 2-1/2” to 8” and for flow rates up to 572 USGPM
  • Operating temperatures up to 130C (266F)
  • Automatic built-in air vent
  • Removes magnetite, iron sludge, and oxygen
  • Protects pipes, boilers, pumps, cooling towers, regulators, and other mechanical components
  • Mechanical component lifetime extension
  • Prevents the need for a full glycol exchange
  • Installation inline or side stream
  • Small footprint
  • On a side, stream use it across different system installations for annual cleaning

For Edmonton and surrounding areas, we offer our Ferroclean Skid rental for preventative maintenance cleaning on closed loops.
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