FlexAir™ High Capacity Fine Bubble EPDM Diffuser

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FlexAir™ High Capacity Fine Bubble EPDM Diffuser

Parts & Accessories Collection


3/4" MNPT Threaded disk fine bubble diffuser in 7”, 9” diameter

  • Increased oxygen transfer aeration
  • Replace coarse bubble diffusers with fine bubbles for improved oxygen transfer
  • Higher rate of airflow with fine bubble diffusers improves mixing

The FlexAir High Flow diffuser combines fine bubble oxygen transfer efficiency with mixing capability associated with high air volume. It is a proven fact that fine bubble diffusers have superior oxygen transfer efficiency. FlexAir high-capacity disc diffusers are engineered for maximum performance.

Continuous operating range:

  • 7” disc: 1 to 7.5 cfm.
  • 9” disc: 1 to 10 cfm.

FlexAir® disc diffusers are made of high-strength polypropylene with 3/4″ MNPT connections. Each diffuser has a minimum of 6,600 engineered air release orifices, which is up to 20% more than comparable models. The special design of the EPDM membrane with its engineered thickness taper, resulting in full utilization of the membrane surface even at low airflow operation! This results in improved oxygen transfer efficiency, along with maximum operational flexibility.

Every FlexAir® bubble disc diffuser has an integral “triple” check valve to prevent fluid backflow. Has fine bubble EPDM membranes installed.

Made in USA.

Shipping Dimensions: L 12" x W 12" x H 6"
Weight: 4 Lbs

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