Secchi Disk

Secchi Disk

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Secchi Disk - 20cm Ø, 4m cord, eye hook, nylock, self-weighted

A Secchi disk is a very cost-effective tool used to measure water clarity in any water body it determines turbidity or degree of visibility. Measure from a dock, boat, or platform, this self-weighted steel Secchi Disk 1.5kg, 20cm (8-inch, 3.3Lbs) comes with 4m (13ft) marine rope. The Secchi disk is slowly lowered down in the water. The depth at which the disk is no longer visible is taken as a measure of the transparency of the water. This measure is known as the Secchi depth and is related to water turbidity. This heavy duty Secchi disk will last you a lifetime, unlike plastic disks.

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Shipping Dimensions: L 11" x W 11" x H 3"
Weight: 5 Lbs

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