Fighting Virus Spread with simple inexpensive technology: Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

Author: Martine Pawlowski |

Blog by H2O Logics Inc.

Ultraviolet light has been used for many decades as a non-polluting, highly effective disinfection technology that is deployed in a wide variety of disinfection applications including indoor air disinfection.

The CDC recommends a layered approach to reducing the spread of pathogens including improved ventilation. As part of an improved ventilation program, UV can offer benefits by attacking and reducing aerosol pathogens as and where they are generated.

The pandemic has revealed an inadequate plan of preparation across a wide swath of society. It is becoming apparent that staff and customers are expecting that service providers, professionals and other types of public-facing businesses as well as government entities will be seen to be taking as many precautions as possible as people return to the workplace and to a more normal life.

Germicidal UV light can be effective against all bacterial and viral pathogens including airborne SARS- CoV-2 and dozens more such as influenza, polio, tuberculosis, staphylococcus , legionella, measles and MERS.

The purpose here is to introduce a simple, effective and inexpensive UV technology which can be instantly engaged to help slow the spread by disinfecting the indoor air within facilities of all types.

Virus and bacteria may be easily spread via airborne pathways. The UV technology specified here works both defensively as an additional barrier (like masks, gloves and gels), and offensively by aggressively attacking pathogens constantly as the air is continually circulated through the disinfection zone created by the UV fixture.

UV light may be the only available technology to offer both immediate defensive and offensive capabilities, and is certainly the best technology to do so over the long term. UV light continuously attacks aerosolized virus thereby reducing airborne viral loads over time.

H2O Logics Inc. provides Canadian Made Germicidal UV Air Disinfection technology as described by the CDC report.

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