Flo-Gen Horizontal Flow

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FLO-GEN Horizontal Flow Generator and Aerator

Flo-Gen is the latest addition to The Power House line of reliable, energy-efficient, and durable aeration equipment.
Flo-Gen was designed by adopting and simplifying aspects from Flo-Ration, the 3 in 1 aeration system. Unlike Flo-Ration, the Flo-Gen comes in 2 sizes (0.75 HP or 1 HP); both are a single propeller unit strictly dedicated to horizontal flow generation and aeration.


Why Choose Flo-Gen?

  • Circulation helps prevent blue-green algae / Cyanobacteria blooms
  • Creates a strong turbulent current providing more surface area to diffuse oxygen
  • Aids in cleaning out marinas, narrow canals, and any other area where unsightly and odorous debris can collect
  • Constant surface renewal helps prevent stagnant mosquitos breeding areas
  • Constantly mixes water layers, effectively keeping temperatures more consistent throughout the water column
  • Excellent for duck hunting. The current created will keep the “honey hole” from freezing, and rocks the decoys, attracting live birds to the area.
  • 2 Year Warranty