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Keeton Solaer

Solaer®Solar Powered Aeration -The TESLA of aeration.

Solaer® has been called the TESLA of aeration because of its sleek design and ability to run completely on battery power.However, you never have to plug a Solaer® aeration system in to charge. Just set it and forget it.

No electricity? No problem! Keeton Industries manufacturer is the World leader in solar aeration systems—there are no competing systems that equal Solaer® systems. So what makes Solaer® better?

The Solaer® patented battery backup systems are the ONLY solar aeration system that can operate day and night for as long as 20 hours. Other aeration systems on the market can only run while the sun is shining.

Solar aeration is perfect for any pond or lake that does not have electricity at the shoreline. Solaer® systems run off of batteries, so you don’t need electricity.

If you have a pond or lake that is remotely located, you can still have a quality aeration system that keeps your pond clean and clear all year round. Most importantly, solar is a completely “green” and eco-friendly option, requires very little maintenance, and runs day and night—even on cloudy days!

Features and Benefits:

  • Solar Powered
  • Battery backup for cloudy conditions and nighttime aeration
  • Aerates Ponds ½ to 4 Acres depending on model
  • Average 20 Hours of Run Time Day And Night
  • Durable, Sound-Deadening Cabinet
  • Cabinet Includes, 1” ASTM Certified Acoustical Foam
  • EcoFlow™ 24V High Volume Compressor
  • Programmable Digital Timer
  • Robust 24V High Efficiency Solar Panel Designed Harsh Environments
  • 37 CFM Cooling Fan
  • Unique, Never-Clog Diffuser
  • Self Weighted and Self-Sinking Tubing
  • Multi Valves Brushed Aluminum, Adjustable Manifold
  • Rugged, Long-Life Solar Batteries

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Solaer® Appications:

  • Anywhere Electricity Is Unavailable!
  • Remote Location Ponds, lagoons,Lakes, Cabins, Vacation Homes
  • Stormwater ponds
  • HOA’s
  • Golf Courses
  • Recreational Ponds & Lakes
  • Retention Ponds
  • Industrial& municipal applications, reuse water, raw water reservoirs ...

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Available Solaer® Models:

SB-1.1+ Solaer® Aeration System 1 Duraplate Diffuser With 100 Ft./30.48 Meters Self Weighted Tubing
SB-1.2+ Solaer® Aeration System 2 Duraplate Diffusers With 200 Ft./30.48 Meters Self Weighted Tubing
SB-2.3+ Solaer® Aeration System 3 Duraplate Diffusers With 300 Ft./91.44 Meters Self Weighted Tubing
SB-2.4+ Solaer® Aeration System 4 Duraplate Diffusers With 400 Ft./121.92 Meters Self Weighted Tubing