Heifi-Top Closed loop filter

Judo Filter Strainer

Heifi-Top Closed loop filter

Judo Filter Strainer

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Heifi-Top is a Closed Loop Self Cleaning Back-Washable Sediment Filter with Air Separator and Air Vent For Heating and Cooling Systems. Use it on any non-potable closed loop, replace existing sidestream filters.

For use in heating and cooling systems up to a maximum water temperature of 90C (194F) and up to a maximum water pressure of 150 PSI (1034 kPa).


  • For the filtration and removal of all coarse and fine-grained physical impurities and particulate in heating and cooling systems, as well as, for the removal of unwanted oxygen through an integrated air separator and released via a build-in automatic air venting device valve.
  • Backwashing is done manually by way of a patented reverse-flow flushing valve.
  • Inline installation on small systems or sidestream installation on large systems.


  • No cartridges and No maintenance costs
  • Manual backwash operation, simply turn and flush, no mess!
  • Backwash takes less than a minute, 2 to 4 times a year
  • Available for pipe sizes from ¾” to 2” and flow rates up to 35 GPM
  • Operating temperatures up to 90C (194F)
  • Sludge and air separator all in one
  • Removes particles down to 15 microns
  • Improves boiler efficiency
  • Component lifetime extension
  • Horizontal or vertical pipe connection


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